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We have the know-how you need.

RADIX is now offering a completely NEW service for those clients that may already have identified a property in Spain. Or for those that enjoy the process of searching by themselves and therefore are not looking for someone to find their dream home for them, BUT


  • Do need support navigating the process of closing the purchase.

  • Do want someone to explain the ins and outs along the way

  • Do want the security of someone that looks over their shoulder to make sure everything is in their best interest.

  • Do need someone to interact with the local parties along the way (agents, notaries, institutions, utility companies...)

  • Do want someone to explain things in their own language


As Radix understands that buying a property can be a daunting ordeal and for many non-local and/or non-native people a process that raises many questions, Radix now offers a service completely remote at an attractive fee, while always securing the same quality of service as in the full package. Contact me for fees.